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Need On-Demand Freight Unloading?
We operate in over 36 states!

During this period of global shortages, the supply chain is experiencing unprecedented issues. Labor Loop fully understands the needs of Transportation Carriers, Freight Brokers, Manufacturers, and businesses that require the ‘supplies to manufacturers to warehouses to retailers to consumers’ links to remain strong, efficient, and with as little negative impact on operations as possible. Our on-demand lumper services provide qualified, skilled and experienced labor on an as-needed basis. This solution will assist in maintaining tight deadlines, as well as reduce operational costs. When our team pairs experienced warehouse personnel with supply chain professionals who require unloading services, the savings will have a positive impact on your ROI. No more drafting personnel from other responsibilities to cover a task they may be ill-equipped to carry out efficiently and safely. Our workers are trained and may be deployed when and only when their services are required. The cost savings of working with Labor Loop for on-demand freight unloading services will be reflected in cost savings to your business’ timeline and bottom line!

Our teams can be quickly dispatched to resolve whatever supply chain issue has happened without extending your timeline or making a big dent in your overhead. Whatever the issue, Labor Loop is your supply chain solution. Download our app and/or contact us today!