On Demand Freight Unloading in Illinois

Did you know? Chicago is one of the most important transportation and distribution hubs in the world. It is the only site in North America where all six major rail lines converge. In fact, Chicago transports over 50% of the rail freight in the U.S. Trucking in Chicago is not an ‘also ran’ either. Seven interstate highways criss-cross the state and all of them pass through Chicago. Not many think of Chicago as a port city, but it is. In fact it is the third largest container port world-wide. It is no surprise then, that about a trillion dollars of goods pass through Chicago each year. That said, there is a huge need for on demand freight unloading services in Illinois. Isn’t it time you joined the savvy business managers and operations executives who contact Labor Loop to keep their supply chains running on-time and to reduce overhead?

The sheer volume of goods that pass through the state of Illinois is partly the reason there are labor shortages as well. Available truckers are in short supply as well. Instead of requiring them to unload their freight as is customary, transportation management can contract with Labor Loop instead. This way the load will be unpacked professionally by seasoned, supervised lumpers. In addition, our team can note and report any shifted freight. Illinois ranks third in the U.S. for truck freight tonnage, so occasional damages/losses in transit are a given. When this occurs, Labor Loop’s team can swiftly assess, document, and report any damages for insurance claim purposes while keeping to our agreed upon turnaround.

We invite you to bring us your questions and requirements. To learn more about Labor Loop’s on demand freight unloading in Illinois and our other services, download our app or contact us to schedule a consultation with our team today.