On-Demand Container Devanning

As in most industries, there are numerous jargon terms to describe key tasks. Freight unloading can also be called ‘container devanning’, ‘stripping’, ‘unstuffing’, or simply, unloading the container. While freight unloaders work to remove products and goods from a variety of transport vehicles, devanning is the term most often associated when sealed containers are unloaded. It is not a job for unskilled labor, nor should it be attempted by employees ‘borrowed’ from other responsibilities to remove container contents. Devanning a container may not be a daily task that necessitates hiring full-timers. The ideal solution for shippers, receivers, and operations managers is to contact Labor Loop whenever they need professional freight unloading services. 

Warehousing and logistics are demanding responsibilities. The success of every supply chain can be made or broken by the simplest of omissions. It is not a process with a high margin for error. That’s why partnering with Labor Loop offers a great solution. We are trained and experienced professionals who approach the task of container devanning focused on efficiency and safety. We know that unloading a container incorrectly can lead to personnel injury and/or damaged goods and asset losses. Our workforce is OSHA-trained and certified. We are skilled at product handling and cargo devanning so that the safety of your staff and your inventory is assured.   

Labor Loop’s freight unloading professionals are flexible in response to your changing needs. Need a Full Container Load (FCL) devanned? We’ll be glad to meet you at the appointed warehouse. Got a Less than Container Load (LCL)? Name the Container Freight Station (CFS) of your choice, and we’ll be there, on time and ready to start devanning. It is a fact, both your transportation and distro processes will run more efficiently and on schedule by hiring on-demand unloading pros from Labor Loop. We’re reliable, dependable, work by the job, meaning we are there when you need us and only when you require top container devanning services. 

Outsourcing your container devanning to Labor Loop is the optimal way to go. Here is a quick recap and some more reasons why:

  • Lowers overhead costs, thereby contributing to more efficient, cost-effective operations.
  • Frees existing personnel to focus on their core responsibilities without productivity loss elsewhere in your operation.
  • Most important: places the responsibility of handling your shipments in the hands of professionals. 

As required, Labor Loop’s Container Devanning Services include:

  • Professional unloading and sorting
  • Products/Goods inspection
  • Product setup upon request
  • Palletizing
  • And more as needed! 

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