Unloading Services for Truck Carriers

The leading truck carriers are responsible for the majority of goods moved throughout the United States every year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, trucks transported 71.6% or $10.4 trillion of the $14.5 trillion of the value of all goods shipped in the United States in 2017, the latest year for which these statistics are available. That is an astounding degree of responsibility placed on both the carrier companies and their drivers every day. One way for trucking firms to alleviate driver fatigue is to keep Labor Loop on speed dial.

That’s because we partner with leading trucking carriers to provide the support their drivers need and only when it is needed. Our teams are seasoned professionals. After a long haul, when your driver arrives at the loading dock, the dynamic changes. Instead of requiring your driver to then unload the cargo, Labor Loop’s teams will have been deployed to the warehouse or distro center. We take the keys and control for responsible freight unloading while your driver takes a well-deserved rest. 

Our teams are supervised and will first assess the condition of the pallets to ensure that nothing has shifted and that it is cleared to continue. (Any discovered damages or asset losses will have been documented and the pallets secured.) We work swiftly, safely, and efficiently. Upon request by trucking carriers and/or warehouse operations managers, we will load the pallets onto forklifts and store wherever directed within a warehouse or distribution center.

There are other considerations besides alleviating driver fatigue. For example, some state regulations prohibit drivers from moving pallets that weigh in excess of 500-lbs. Another factor to consider is the safety of the driver. Is your driver OSHA-certified to minimize unloading hazards and to avoid possible injury to themselves or others? Labor Loop’s teams are supervised and have received OSHA-training and certification.

Across the nation the leading trucking carriers such as JB Hunt, Landstar, Schneider, Werner Enterprises, Stevens, U.S. Express, Crete, and Knight-Swift are responsible for moving the lion’s share of goods, manufacturing raw materials, and products from the ports and rail hubs to the loading and unloading docks are warehouses and distro centers. To reach peak supply chain efficiency, we invite you to contact our team at Labor Loop to discuss how our professional freight unloaders can assist your drivers at each destination. To learn more, download our app or contact us today.

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