Unloading Operators

Become an Unloading Operator via Labor Loop

Everyone can use extra money from time to time. The problem with a part-time job, however, is that most require commitment of a set number of hours every week and few offer time off when you need it. If you’re an experienced warehouse worker skilled in loading and unloading trailers and containers, Labor Loop will likely be the ideal solution for you. The global supply chain only increases and with it the need, by thousands of companies, to have their freight loaded or unloaded with speed, efficiency, and safety. From time to time, in the event of a large shipment, for example, some of these companies will require additional staffing for loading and unloading labor services. That spells O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y for you if you have warehousing experience and or meet other criteria (OSHA certification is a plus!).

Know that these assignments will be short-term, possibly one-offs. And, as you already know, the hours can be at any time of the day or night and any day of the week as well. However, these loading and unloading labor assignments can offer great scheduling flexibility for those willing to make some extra money without the commitment. You control when you work, how you work, where you work, and the hourly rate you’ll accept. 

Why should you sign up with Labor Loop instead of a temp agency? There are many advantages- for starters, you will likely receive a bigger paycheck as temp agencies do not differentiate between hourly help and skilled hourly help. Another major plus is that Labor Loop only attracts the very type of employer and type of employment you are looking for. Temp agencies fulfill a very broad range of employers, and you might be waiting a long time between gigs. Still another plus is that our employer partners value your experience, as they know that it translates into greater efficiency and productivity. Simply put, what creates ‘money in the bank’ for them, will provide the same for you. Interested? Want to know how to get started?

Just download the Labor Loop app. Sign up, and you’ll immediately begin to receive opportunities. You can opt to apply or pass them by until you find the fit that’s right for you. These are not entry-level hourly wages, either. The gigs can pay upwards of $75 an hour. If an offer is made and you accept, after completing the task as a loading and unloading labor operator, your wages will be deposited to your bank account within 48 hours. Simple, no? And this great opportunity to make money providing loading and unloading labor services quickly and without long-term commitment starts with one easy download. Get started today!