Warehouse Loading and Unloading

First Step Loading:

There are two critical steps in any supply chain: loading and unloading of goods and products. First, consider loading: freight in the form of manufactured products and goods must be placed inside trailers or containers with great care. As much product as can be loaded per unit must be accurately determined. To minimize risk of loss, each flat must be protectively wrapped then stacked securely to avoid damage. 

Second Step: Unloading

As to unloading – that is when the goods and products that have possibly moved across continents and oceans to arrive at ports, then to be transported by rail or truck across state lines -when the freight arrives at the loading dock, that is the moment of truth. During the warehouse container or trailer unloading phase is where any damages sustained en route will come to light. These must be assessed, documented, with detailed reports prepared for both for business owners and insurance claims. This is not a job for unskilled laborers.

Efficient Operations

In the interest of reining in operating costs, many logistics companies requiring warehouse unloading services have resorted to multitasking their existing warehouse and even office staff as needed. This is not efficient, and dollars saved by not hiring qualified unloaders can easily be lost through longer unloading times due to an inexperienced hourly workforce. 

Time & Budget Allocation

The best way to maintain your timeframe while keeping an eye on your bottom line is to manage your labor costs by partnering with Labor Loop. We offer our logistics clients real solutions: flexible staffing via project-based warehouse loading and unloading of your containers and trailers by experienced professionals.

It Is Easy to Get Started

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