Distressed Load Services

A major downside in every supply chain is the possibility of discovering distressed loads. This is especially true when time is of the essence and the shipment contains large quantities of goods susceptible to damage and/or loss. Even in the best-managed logistics operations, accidents inevitably occur. When there is a distressed load situation, it threatens the efficacy of the logistics operation. However, Labor Loop offers a viable solution: our distressed load handling services. Our professionals have the experience and procedures in place to quickly reduce the negative impact caused by accidents and other unforeseen issues during shipment. We’ll swiftly do what we do best to get your shipments back on track to reduce overhead.

Distressed loads are the bane of every logistics management team. Some of the causes of distressed loads are temperature change (for perishable cargos), collapsed pallets, load shifts while in transit, among others. One container or trailer of damaged goods can result in lost time as well as delays as the event must be fully-documented for an insurance claim submission. Often the warehouse or stocking personnel are not experienced nor equipped to handle distressed loads expeditiously. And in the event where a partial shipment is damaged, stock must be taken immediately and the ‘surviving’ goods and items shored up securely for the remainder of their journey, even if that involves unloading at a storage facility.

Here is where Labor Loop personnel excel. When distressed loads occur, our team will be deployed quickly and just as fast will assess the overall situation- the extent of the damages/losses. Next, we’ll offload any damaged goods, then reorganize and secure any damaged containers. Labor Loop’s personnel will salvage as much inventory as possible and reload these containers/trailers. At each step we can document damages/losses to present to you to facilitate submitting an insurance claim.

Labor Loop’s team initiatives will enable your supply chain to get back on track and back up to speed. As needed we can additionally deliver the cargo to its final destination. Keep our contact information on-hand for distressed load handling services. This way we can step in immediately to remediate your issue quickly and expeditiously, keeping your supply chain moving without serious impact to your overhead.

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Our teams can be quickly dispatched to resolve whatever supply chain issue has happened without extending your timeline or making a big dent in your overhead. Whatever the issue, Labor Loop is your supply chain solution. Download our app and/or contact us today!