On Demand Freight Unloading in South Carolina

As is true for many East Coast states, freight moves in and out of South Carolina one of four ways: by water, rail, air, or by truck. There are 66,232 miles of roadways, 157 airports of all sizes, 2,292 miles of rail, and waterways that handle an average of 19,539 shipments every year. Over 85% of freight shipments are transported by truck, where truck shipments are expected to reach $551.4 billion by 2040. Ensuring that every cargo is loaded or unloaded without incident is every logistic and warehouse manager’s responsibility and nightmare. That’s because the fulfillment schedules keep getting shorter and shorter.

For many products, supply chains have entered the era of two- and even one-day fulfillment. Due to the exponential rise in consumer expectations, logistics management has been forced to find workable fulfillment solutions without sacrificing their employees’ safety. The best way that logistics and operations managers can meet the growing demand for increased supply chain efficiency is by hiring on-demand freight unloading services in South Carolina from Labor Loop. We provide experienced ‘by-the-job’ staffers to increase the efficiency of your supply chain as well as to reduce your overhead costs, all without sacrificing worker safety. 

Consumer demand for faster shipping fulfillment means that trailer and container unloading in South Carolina is not a task for inexperienced workers. With Labor Loop’s on-demand unloading services, it is possible for Logistics Managers to both maintain tight schedules and hold the line on labor costs. Contact Labor Loop to discuss a cost-effective, highly efficient means to achieve these important goals. Hiring on-demand freight unloading services in South Carolina means partnering with a dependable and reliable team: Labor Loop. Our on-demand teams are deployed on short-notice when and where they are needed. These on-demand lumper teams work quickly and efficiently to maintain both your schedule and everyone’s safety. Then, when their work has been inspected and approved, our team departs. This also reduces overhead and the need to find 40 hours of tasks for a full-time freight unloading staffer, as well as to underwrite benefit costs. 

Poorly loaded cargo due to haste or inexperience greatly increases the possibility for damages and losses while in transit. These are caused by shifted freight. At our South Carolina-based job sites, when our team discovers damaged freight due to load shift, we swiftly record and document the damage for an insurance claim while remaining on or close to schedule. In addition, our teams know how to shore-up improperly loaded freight so that it can be removed without further asset losses. Labor Loop’s teams are also fully experienced with all the tools and equipment required by freight unloading. 

Contact Labor Loop to schedule your consultation with our team. You’ll want to learn more about how partnering with Labor Loop will fulfill all your freight unloading requirements.

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