On-Demand Unloading Services in Virginia

Strategically located along the Eastern seaboard near the nation’s capital, Virginia draws a healthy percentage of its economic prosperity from tourism. It is also a transportation hub via commercial airports, rail lines, interstate trucking, and by waterway through the Port of Virginia. In 2021, a total of $29,289 M of freight was either imported or exported from Virginia by a combined total including all these modes of transport. What makes this number more challenging is the change in consumer expectations. Today, fulfillment warehouses dot the state, and supply chain timelines have been drastically shortened. 

Logistics and warehouse managers in Virginia have the challenging job of ensuring that every link in their respective supply chains operates smoothly, efficiently, and quickly. However, a recent paradigm shift in consumer spending has impacted the supply chain timeline. For many products, supply chains have entered the era of two- and even one-day fulfillment, forcing logistics overseers to find a workable solution without sacrificing their employees’ safety. The best way that logistics and operations managers can meet the growing demand for increased supply chain efficiency is by hiring on-demand freight unloading services in Virginia from Labor Loop. We provide experienced ‘by-the-job’ staffers to increase the efficiency of your supply chain and reduce your overhead costs, all without sacrificing worker safety. 

Consumer demand for faster shipping fulfillment means that trailer and container unloading in Virginia is not a task for inexperienced workers. With Labor Loop’s on-demand unloading services, it is possible for Logistics Managers to both maintain tight schedules and hold the line on labor costs. Contact Labor Loop to discuss a cost-effective, highly efficient means to achieve these important goals. Our on-demand teams are deployed on short-notice when and where they are needed. These on-demand lumper teams work quickly and efficiently to maintain your schedule and everyone’s safety. Then, when their work has been inspected and approved, our team departs. This also reduces overhead and the need to find 40 hours of tasks for a full-time freight unloading staffer, as well as to subsidize benefit costs. 

Damages can occur in transit that are caused by shifted freight. At our Virginia-based job sites, when our team discovers damaged freight due to load shift, we swiftly record and document the damage for an insurance claim while remaining on or close to schedule. In addition, our teams know how to shore-up improperly loaded freight so that it can be removed without further asset losses. Labor Loop’s teams are also fully experienced with all the tools and equipment required by freight unloading. 

Contact Labor Loop to schedule your consultation to address all your freight unloading requirements. 

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