On Demand Freight Unloading in Louisiana

It is no secret. There is a shortage of truck drivers in Louisiana which puts a strain on already impacted supply chains throughout the state. Historically, truckers not only drove their shipments to loading docks and warehouses, but also unloaded the cargo upon arrival. With this in mind, Labor Loop offers operations managers and company executives a solution to part of this shortage issue: let drivers drive, and allow Labor Loop to supply the lumpers to provide on demand freight unloading throughout Louisiana.

Louisiana is known for its seafood and produce. Along with fresh vegetables, shrimp and other perishables are a chief export of the state’s fishing industry. These commodities are often sent by rail with a shelf life likened to both a ticking clock and a ticking time bomb. The need to keep perishables fresh is key to Labor Loop’s services, including container unloading in Louisiana. Our seasoned teams can be deployed immediately. These are OSHA-certified unloading professionals who, along with their supervisor, can assist to swiftly remediate when the unexpected occurs, such as shifted freight. Louisiana is also experiencing a labor shortage, which makes contacting Labor Loop when, and only when, professional freight unloaders are required. This keeps your overhead costs down and your efficiency high.

Another obstacle to effective and timely supply chains has been the global pandemic. For several reasons, some ports in Louisiana have been backlogged with ships unable to dock and unload at major transit hubs, including Delcambre. This has created shortages for retailers and consumers who frequently find empty store shelves or are unable to locate a favorite product to buy. Here again, Labor Loop can dispatch teams for a day, a week, however long a job entails. We’re dedicated professionals. Our teams work on one job and only one job at a time – yours!

To learn more about our on demand unloading service in Louisiana, download our app or contact the team at Labor Loop today!