On-Demand Unloading Service in California

Everyday the major newspapers around the country expresses growing concerns regarding shortages of many items from air conditioners, food, automobiles, paper goods, and more. Empty shelves seen at many retailers do not go unnoticed by consumers. Yet they also read that the Gross National Product is on an upward trend. The strain placed on the global and national supply chain has never been greater. In California, that need has its manufacturers, suppliers, freight brokers, and trucking carriers looking for solutions that will move goods from Point A to their warehouses, then to retailers’ shelves and/or consumers’ doorsteps quickly and efficiently. Truck or container unloading in California has become a major concern in the state’s supply chain, especially for perishable goods.

The situation does not have to reach a crisis point, however. Labor Loop offers the ideal solution: We offer our on-demand unloading service in California, which pairs our experienced warehouse workers with California supply chain professionals who require “as needed” unloading of containers and trucks. Trucking carriers who heretofore relied on the truckers themselves to unload will find that Labor Loop’s OSHA-certified personnel can perform this task faster and more efficiently than a driver who has been on the road for hours. Operations and warehouse managers will not have to divert staffers from other tasks to one they may not be experienced at performing, thereby extending the timeline as well as creating a potential safety risk if working, for example with shifted freight. California has experienced exponential growth over the past twenty years and now handles over 900 million tons of freight annually*. Don’t leave money on the table. Partner with Labor Loop for your on-demand freight unloading in California. Speak with our team today!

Our teams can be quickly dispatched to resolve whatever supply chain issue has happened without extending your timeline or making a big dent in your overhead. Whatever the issue, Labor Loop is your supply chain solution. Download our app and/or contact us today!