What Does Devanning Mean?

Shipping truck parked near warehouse facility with shipping container door opened.

Devanning is yet another shipping industry term that holds a lot more than its literal meaning. By definition, devanning is another way to describe freight unloading from a sealed container or trailer. Also known only to industry insiders is the fact that where a container or trailer is devanned depends on how fully packed it is. Full container loads (FCL) are generally unloaded at warehouses, while a Less than Container Load (LCL) is conveyed to a Container Freight Station (CFS) where it is divested of its goods. What is generally most important, and often the subject of debate, is who is tasked with the removal of freight at the dock or freight station. The task sounds easy, but that is deceptive. In fact, it is one of the most rigorous and demanding aspects of logistics and warehouse operations. Performed by unskilled or inexperienced staff, devanning containers can cause damage to the freight and injuries to the workers. 

Trailer and container devanning should only be tasked to professionals, such as the teams provided by Labor Loop. Our teams have the training and experience to understand the correct freight handling techniques to quickly assess and remove the freight from inside any cargo hold. Their training includes OSHA certification, so they’ll know not only how to perform the task swiftly, but with minimal risk to both others and your freight. Devanning is not a purely physical task, solely involving the manual movement of your products from the container. As part of your supply chain/integrated logistics process, our teams also ensure that your goods are ready for the next stage of the process. We know the best ways to receive and devann containers and trailers and to receive by palletizing, moving goods to storage, and even distribution as required. All while observing the highest safety and regulatory standards.

Labor Loop’s teams are highly cost-effective as well, saving operations managers thousands in overhead annually. How is that? Consider if you do not use professional lumper services, and opt to hire day labor or move existing staffers to perform these tasks as needed instead. Inexperienced workers take longer to unload freight and will not likely be familiar with using the digital tools and or machines required for timeliness and true efficiency. And who is performing your workers’ routine tasks when they have been diverted to unload containers and trailers? Productivity and profit will take a hit. Next, factor in the possibility that unskilled laborers are at greater risk to harm themselves and or others. Why risk this potential liability? 

What does devanning mean to you? The opportunity to partner with Labor Loop for efficient, safe, and cost-effective management of your freight unloading requirements, a critical component of your supply chain. We’re an especially good value when you consider that our teams are hired on-demand and only for the task at hand. Once that has been completed to your satisfaction we leave. Unlike full-time staffers, our teams are not on your payroll requiring 40-hour weeks and benefits. There are numerous other benefits to hiring our teams for freight loading and unloading as needed. 

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