Safety First: Never Do This When Unloading a Container

pallet removed from shipping container

In the global supply chain, carriers are a highly regulated industry. National, state, and municipal authorities all have laws and mandates that must be followed. In addition, OSHA has strict safety regulations that govern safe freight unloading practices. Bear this in mind when your company considers a freight unloading partner. Instead of searching online for the best ‘container unloading services near me’, give Labor Loop a call. In this posting, we’ll provide insight into our professional freight unloading process and why this is never a job for amateurs and/or unskilled workers. 

Here is what to avoid when unloading containers:

  • Placing the container on uneven and/or soft surfaces, such as loose soil or sand. This invites an accident with potential serious worker injuries.
  • Poor container interior lighting. Professional lumpers are prepared for this and other contingencies.
  • Loose or damaged cargo due to load shifts in transit. Labor Loop’s pros know what to do when they encounter potential asset losses. Additionally, they can take stock and document insurance claims while staying on schedule as much as possible.
  • Poorly packed items that are not palletized or packed with slip sheets to prevent damage to the cargo or to the container itself. 
  • Loose items that have been stacked too high and/or have fallen in transit against the container doors. Upon opening, these will fall out directly on the freight unloaders. 
  • Containers initially loaded with disregard for safety regulations such as:
    • Lack of safety straps or wrong type of securing tie downs or chains used.
    • Having a receiving worker act as a lumper and drive a forklift, which is not used to remove goods by towing or dragging from the container.  
    • Ignoring/ignorance of the rated container capacities and or rated capacities for attachments for securing goods.
    • Not stating the weight of any potentially hazardous cargo.
    • Ignoring worker exposure risks when the container has been fumigated.
    • Performing tasks manually that should be carried out using ramps, hand carts, forklifts, mobile plants, etc.
    • Allowing non-freight unloading workers in the area where the lumpers are working to remove cargo. Receiving goods as they are unloaded poses a potential safety hazard.
    • Mandating speed over safety to meet tight schedules only results in slips, falls,         the potential for serious injury, and personal liability claims.

Labor Loop’s OSHA-trained and certified personnel know the protocols to follow when they encounter potentially hazardous conditions, such as a chemical spill inside a container. This underscores the importance of hiring professional freight unloaders for every loading and unloading task. Do not Google ‘container unloading services near me’. Put Labor Loop in your cell phone contacts list. We’re your reliable, on-demand lumper services team. 

What to do instead? Do not see this list as a primer for warehouse staff or day laborers to follow. Hire Labor Loop’s professional teams to fulfill your exacting freight unloading requirements in the utmost safety, on schedule, and on budget. Forgo searching online for the top ‘container unloading services near me’ and get to know Labor Loop! Contact us today or download our app!