Tips for Unloading Heavy Items from Containers

Point of view looking up at containers

Seasoned supply chain overseers know that it is generally easier to facilitate an ‘unload container’ service, than to fill it with cargo. That does not mean that removing freight is a quick process that can be accomplished by a couple of workers handing off boxes at a warehouse dock, however. Add a shipment of bulky, heavy cargo to the mix, and the task can come to an impasse if handled by unskilled labor. When a highly-trained team of on-demand lumpers from Labor Loop unloads heavy items from containers, they bring to the job their combined years of experience. In addition, they are familiar with handling all types of large and oversized freight as well as the right tools to use, especially if the container is raised, i.e. still positioned on a flatbed. Here are some vital tips we use to ensure the job is done right and finished right on schedule:

  1. Assess the shipment inside the container: When the doors are unsealed, our lumpers will investigate the contents. They will quickly determine if the cargo can be moved by hand, using a hand truck and/or platform truck. If the shipment is mixed, such as is often the case with a Less Than Container Load (LCL), therefore filled with a range of cargo sizes and weights, they may opt to move the smaller pieces first, then move on to using ramps, and a heavy-duty forklift.
  2. For extra heavy cargo: As part of ‘unload container’ service best practices, it is not safe to unload extremely heavy freight while a container is raised. The container will first have to be moved to ground level, while fully loaded, using a crane or a reach stacker. Then Labor Loop’s freight handlers can access the shipment through the back doors, and unload the contents using ramps, a regular forklift, or hand- or power-operated pallet jack.
  3. When damaged freight is encountered: Should damage have occurred in transit due to load shift, Labor Loop’s freight unloaders can quickly isolate asset losses so these can be documented for the carrier’s insurance claim. Without missing a beat, the job continues until all cargo is safely and securely removed from the container. When experience matters, count on Labor Loop’s team to meet every challenge without losing sight of your expected outcome. 

The best tip of all, is of course, to partner with Labor Loop to supply experienced lumper teams to perform ‘unload container’ services on-demand. This way, logistics professionals can be assured that this tedious and often difficult task will be handled expertly, efficiently, and as quickly and safely as possible. The goal for every supply chain initiative is to ensure that shipments sent from Point A, arrive at their destination Point B, uneventfully, and on schedule. We invite you to contact Labor Loop’s team to discuss your unload container requirements. You’ll want to learn how our on-demand teams can assist you to maintain your high standards, while reducing your overhead costs. Schedule your consultation now!