The Basics of Freight Unloading

Trucks parked in docks

Logistics and supply chain managers, as well as transportation carriers, might glance at this title and overlook a golden opportunity: to offload a bothersome task that usually ends in lost time and damaged cargo. This is usually due to hiring the wrong type of worker, or opting to use existing office and/or warehouse staff whose skills are not supply-chain based. In this posting, Labor Loop, the on-demand, freight unloading professionals will offer a remedial course: Freight Handling 101 so that logistics overseers can realize the value in hiring our professional lumper teams to keep their supply chain moving and their schedule on track. Here’s why:

Freight unloading is a key part of the freight handling process which encompasses receiving goods, then unloading, and tracking these items from the loading dock of a warehouse to their final retail destinations such as grocery stores, retail outlets, even to the front doors of consumers. It is not a simple matter of making sure that shipments get from their point of origin to their destination. Instead, each and every cargo must be handled appropriately as well as efficiently and safely. This is especially important in an industry where time is money and cargoes of perishables such as meats, dairy, frozen foods, and produce each have a visible or invisible ‘sell by’ date. Make that ‘sell by’ in optimal condition, and you have yet another reason to contact Labor Loop for our skilled, freight unloading teams on-demand. 

Hiring unskilled day labor to perform freight unloading manually will not only take longer, but run up operations costs as well. Labor Loop’s teams are experienced in the correct use of forklifts, ramps, conveyors and all the other equipment the job entails. They are used to working as a team and can handle any freight unloading scenario they are presented with such as crated and/or uncrated goods, mixed shipments including fragile items and electronics equipment, small, stacked, palletized and heavy shipping containers with both ease and efficiency.

Our teams can quickly assess the need for ground unloading for items that are not loading dock height or stacked shipments. They know instinctively what types of freight must be moved singly and which can be unloaded in stacks. There is no trial and the potential for error involved. Labor Loop’s teams are seasoned professionals who perform each freight unloading job to the overseer’s satisfaction, then depart. Another cost saving plus: As Labor Loop’s teams are hired by the job, operations staff are not paying for benefits, or overtime, either. We invite everyone involved in the successful operation of their supply chain to give Labor Loop a call. We offer additional services on demand and will gladly demonstrate how a partnership with our firm can help you hold the line on your overhead costs. Call today!