Finding Experienced Unloaders for Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse worker moving pallets

The logistics industry is not only governed by the ebb and flow of supply and demand, but also by the need to rein in and to control overhead costs. This desire to minimize spending, however, can lead to inefficiency and the very thing they seek to avoid: higher operating expenses. For example, many warehouse managers hire temp warehouse workers from an agency. The primary problem with hiring temp warehouse staff is a lack of experience. This inconsistency leads to many issues, most with serious consequences. In this posting, Labor Loop, the leading source for on-demand, experienced unloaders for warehouse jobs, will cite the problems with hiring temp warehouse workers, and propose the ideal solution for your business and your bottom line. 

Warehouse managers who have hired temp warehouse staff, immediately notice the following:

  • The temps were unfamiliar with the standard equipment and tools.
  • When damaged freight was discovered, the job ground to a halt, and the agency temps did not know who to contact for direction and assistance.
  • When temp warehouse workers’ injured themselves, work stopped, and existing staff had to be quickly pulled from their assigned tasks to fulfill the trailers or container unloading. A liability lawsuit was also threatened.
  • The agency temps required supervision, and a member of the warehouse staff had to be diverted from their duties to oversee the temps hired to perform the unloading task. 
  • The job took far longer than expected, due to the temp warehouse workers’ inexperience in freight unloading as well as the importance of keeping on schedule.
  • The temporary employment agency never sends the same team of workers twice, so the task of training and retraining temp warehouse staff becomes tedious, repetitive, and cost-inefficient. 
  • Employing temp warehouse staff produced the following results:
    – Longer unloading times, which were inefficient.
    – Tapping existing resources in the form of permanent staff meant their tasks were not
    – Overall productivity took a financial hit. 

Instead, Labor Loop proposes the ideal solution for Logistics Managers and Warehouse Overseers: Partner with Labor Loop to perform your freight unloading as required. Here are the benefits:

  • Highly experienced ‘lumpers’ who work quickly and efficiently.
  • There is no need to train our team- they know which tools and equipment to use as well as how to use each properly. No learning curve = Labor Loop’s workers are totally focused on performing the job at hand skillfully, on time, and without interruption.
  • Our seasoned teams will quickly assess the cargo to determine the best way to proceed, then do just that. If damage that occurred in transit is discovered, it too can be isolated, documented for insurance purposes, and the task of unloading continues to stay on track.
  • One call, and the Labor Loop’s team will be promptly deployed to your worksite. When the job is finished, and inspected by your overseers, we depart until our skills are required again

Your supply chain efficiency can be greatly increased by partnering with Labor Loop as your one source for on-demand freight loading and unloading jobs. Another bonus- our services help you to hold the line on your operating costs. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with Labor Loop today!