How to Manage Load Shift and Recovery

Loading Pallet into truck

When an 18-wheeler is jay-braking down a steep slope or jamming on the brakes to prevent a collision, sharp forces can adversely affect cargo that has not been properly placed and secured within the trailer. If products have not been stacked correctly with their weight evenly distributed, a sharp, involuntary turn, sudden braking, or even changes in the roadway’s pavement can cause all or part of the cargo to shift. We are not talking about goods sliding around inside a trailer; a significant weight transition can alter the vehicle’s center of gravity. This can tilt the vehicle, leading to a loss of driver control, jackknifing, or even a rollover or collision with another vehicle. To avoid any of these scenarios, transportation carriers should contact Labor Loop when searching for on-demand load shift services near me. These services are available in metropolitan regions as well as rural areas to ensure safe transportation of goods.

The reason is simple: too much is riding on the loading of every trailer to leave this important job to anyone but professional freight handlers. Here’s a quick physics lesson: while a truck is in motion, its cargo carries momentum (the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity). When cargo is loaded with care and its total weight is uniformly distributed, the driver can easily handle the truck. Suppose the cargo is loosely packed, unevenly distributed, and not adequately tied down. In that case, this momentum can suddenly be redistributed, and damage to both the cargo and dangerous driving conditions will likely occur.  

The solution is to have Labor Loop’s teams load your freight professionally at the onset. However, if you are now faced with the aftermath of a load shift scenario, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will immediately send out a team to remediate your issue. We will:

  1. Document the shifted load.
  2. Assess the situation and initiate an action plan. 
  3. Organize, clean up, reband, repalletize, restack, and reload non-damaged goods while documenting and removing asset losses for your insurance claim. 

Load Shift Services Near me

According to the Institute for Highway Safety, metro areas are where most load shifting is likely to occur. A surprising number of roadway accidents involving trucks are not due to road conditions, but by load shifts that cause drivers to lose control. For that reason alone transportation carriers should contact Labor Loop for professional, capable, skilled, and dependable on-demand load shift services. While avoidance is the best tool in your arsenal to prevent load shifts, Labor Loop can assist in remediation whenever a load shift incident sidelines your supply chain deliveries. Partner with Labor Loop to make load shift issues a thing of the past and for your logistics chain to run more smoothly and efficiently to reduce operations costs. 

About Labor Loop: Where to Find Unloaders Near Me

Labor Loop provides vetted, seasoned, and skilled professionals for on-demand freight handling tasks including loading and unloading trailers and containers. Our teams can be swiftly deployed to sites in 36 states. Labor Loop pairs experienced warehouse personnel with supply chain overseers who require loading or unloading services as needed. By having trained personnel on-site as needed, the benefits to your business are reflected in cost savings to both your supply chain timeline and your business’ ROI! 

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