West Coast Logistics – Professional Container Unloading Benefits

shipping container being moved

As with any task-oriented business, there are correct procedures and those that have been tried but did not bring about an optimal outcome. Every business learns from its mistakes. For logistics managers, transportation carriers, and warehouse overseers on the West Coast, there are several schools of thought as to the best way to perform container unloading in California and across the Western states. To begin, let’s address some unique challenges facing the global supply chain, as well as those specific to the Western United States. In this posting, as well as stating the challenges, rest easy, the clear solution will also be stated and recommended.

Worldwide, logistics management knows all too well that the recent global pandemic has not yet fully released its grip on the international supply chain. Many goods, products, foods, and technology rely on materials that are produced in other countries. The shortage of many materials, from paper goods to computer chips, increased the time consumers had to wait for these goods. However, the supply chain has been expected to make up for lost time by actually shortening its ‘to market’ timeline. During the lockdown, consumers everywhere took to ordering goods online, and most have continued that practice now that the national state of emergency has ended. Convenience in the form of two-day shipping and even one-day shipping in some markets has brought about the perfect storm scenario throughout the supply chain. Translation: there is a shortage of workers to perform numerous supply-chain-associated tasks, including container unloading. Arizona, a state known for its high retiree population, is particularly impacted by these worker shortages. There is, however, a solution that works for everyone: outsourced container unloading in California as well as the entire West Coast. 

Supply chain management trade publications tout the fact that to remain relevant, timely, and above all solvent, logistics recruiting strategies must evolve to counteract the shortage of skilled labor in their markets, and particularly to address the lack of skilled workers to perform container unloading in Arizona and New Mexico. The solution is to partner with Labor Loop. We have skilled, experienced, and available workers who can deploy a seasoned team along with a supervisor at very short notice. The team works in sync to assess every task at hand, and deal immediately with any issues or irregularities that may arise, such as damages/asset losses that occurred in transit, all while keeping on track, on schedule, and on budget. 

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