Loading and Unloading Shipping Containers Without a Dock

Labor Loop’s on-demand services mean that our teams are deployed into the unknown. That is, even when having a long-standing relationship with a client, every job is unique and presents its own set of challenges. Very often, when tasked with loading and unloading shipping containers, we are asked to perform our duties on containers that are not backed up to a warehouse dock. In these instances, there are a host of options for performing our task efficiently. In this posting, we’ll review those options and how our seasoned teams can swiftly perform any job in any environment.

Options for loading and unloading shipping containers without a dock:

  1. Keep the container on its chassis, this is often the best option for regular or cargo on
    pallets and removes a step in the process which can save time. Next:
    1. Load and/or unloading by lifting the cargo between the ground and the container.
    2. Depending on the cargo, move or remove the cargo manually or using a pallet trolley.
    3. At this point, a forklift can be employed to move the freight to or from the container to or from the ground. It means time-consuming double handling, so this is not the preferred method when time is of the essence.
  2. Place the container on the ground. Why? In the interest of safety, it is not advisable to unload bulky, fragile, or heavy freight while the sea can is sitting on its chassis. Also, when loading cargo, it is the best way to avoid chassis detention fees. Next:
    1. Depending on the nature of the freight, a crane can be used to move larger pieces as well as the container itself. This is an expensive option, however there are instances when due to the size, scale, and weight of the freight that manual or other means are not viable.
    2. A forklift, mini-straddle, or reach stacker may also be used when loading or unloading shipping containers quickly. Other options when a dock is not available include a C-lift (vertical lift) that is fixed or mobile. Remember, for all these processes, Labor Loop can provide the highly experienced personnel trained and certified to use every piece of container handling equipment required.

Just to summarize, there are numerous options for stuffing and stripping containers when using a dock is not
an option. While it is not advisable to use unskilled and untrained personnel from other divisions of your
enterprise for loading or unloading shipping containers, dockless freight loading and unloading poses no issue for Labor Loop’s team. 

When the time calculated for throughput mandates efficiency, call the pros at Labor Loop, your on-demand team for freight loading and unloading services and more. Contact us today!