Reducing the Impact of Distressed Loads

Every job description for supply chain managers and overseers should require nerves of steel and low blood pressure. That’s because so many issues can occur to shipments and cargo in transit, all of which can seriously impact schedules, extend timelines, and increase overhead and operational costs. In short: distressed loads are the bane of the supply chain and operations managers’ existence. The ace in the hole for everyone concerned is to have a dependable on-demand, third party vendor, such as Labor Loop. Our experienced teams will step in as needed and not only serve as freight unloaders, but can also provide load shift services on the fly, including shipment accident mitigation if required. This allows remediation to proceed expeditiously, without the need to call in another team and create further negative impacts on the schedule timeline.

Let’s be clear, even in logistics operations where managers are on top of things, accidents are a real possibility. When the shipment is perishable, temperature changes can create asset losses. Even well-packed loads can shift while in transit, and wood pallets can collapse. These issues create situations where each event must be fully-documented for an insurance claim before proceeding with freight unloading. If damage/losses are limited to part of the shipment, stock must be evaluated and non-distressed goods and products shored up for the rest of the journey. Generally, warehouse and stocking personnel do not have the experience or equipment to handle distressed loads efficiently. That’s where Labor Loop’s team excels. The same team hired as lumpers will also capably provide load shift services or may be quickly dispatched as needed solely for the purpose of rectifying a distressed load situation. Whatever is needed, that’s the on-demand support that Labor Loop will supply.  

In the event Labor Loop is called in for load shift services, here’s what to expect:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the distressed load situation to determine the cause and best and fastest approach to remediate.
  • Unload damaged freight to minimize impact on non-damaged goods. 
  • Assess if any damages can be salvaged, if so, separate from asset losses.
  • Document with photographs and customized reports for insurance claim submissions.
  • Reload the containers/trailers, shoring up and repackaging items, shifting goods on pallets to secure the remaining freight and prevent load shift for the remainder of transit. 

On -demand load shift services by experienced Labor Loop personnel can make the difference between a catastrophic event and just another bump in the road. Contact Labor Loop to learn more about our distressed load handling and other support services your business can rely on. Many unforeseen issues can impact your supply chain, creating lost time and higher operating costs. That’s why we’re the team you want in your cell phone contacts to deploy the on-demand services your business needs right when you need them. Contact us today!