How to Arrange for Loading and Unloading Goods Directly in Your Warehouse

While every link in every supply chain is vital to its success, there are several points at which 

time (which truly IS money) can be lost. In addition to falling behind schedule, timelines and operational costs can also be negatively impacted. How inventory is received at any warehouse will have an effect on other areas of any supply chain. This is especially true for retailers such as grocery chains whose goods are primarily perishables. Successfully unloading a truck at a warehouse can make the tasks of inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping run that much smoother. Key to an efficient warehouse receiving process is the task of unloading freight from the truck trailer. Performed correctly by professional lumpers, the job can reduce overhead, but if the task is handled by inexperienced workers, this will likely lead to a number of problems including stock control issues and higher operational costs. 

The optimal way to ensure that the task of loading and/or unloading a truck at your warehouse, is to contact Labor Loop for our on-demand lumper services. For maximum efficiency, this task can be combined with the loading/unloading of goods directly from the truck trailer into the warehouse. This way, the same team that capably unloaded your cargo/freight will take responsibility, under your warehouse management’s guidance, for its proper placement on shelving, gondolas, etc. One of the benefits is measured in time-savings, another in reduced costs, by avoiding diverting salaried staffers from their normal routines to perform on-offs thereby impacting their productivity while increasing overhead.

As an alternative to hiring professional lumpers, some logistics pros try to save money by hiring day labor. This option, however, creates a major liability risk as well as has been shown to actually increase the amount of time that unloading a truck at your warehouse requires, on average, by as much as 300%. What, then, is the best way to arrange for the loading and unloading of goods directly into your warehouse? Partner with Labor Loop for our experienced, certified, dependable, on-demand lumper and warehousing services. Our teams can meet at a scheduled time at your loading dock to perform the safe yet swift unloading of a truck at your warehouse. If requested, the same team can coordinate warehouse stocking and storage services as well, for a seamless relay of goods from carrier to storage. This initiative supports efficient operations as well as superior time and budget allocation, which is a bonus for every logistics management team. 

So when your operation requires occasional additional personnel for loading/unloading and warehousing services, call Labor Loop. We provide the ideal solution, including our invaluable knowledge and ability to spot and remediate potential issues. Damages occur in transit due to load shift. Our team can bring this to your attention and begin damage control initiatives immediately, to avoid lost time and other hits to your overhead. 

Labor Loop is here whenever you need additional, on-demand supply chain personnel support. Download our app or visit our website to learn more about our loading/unloading and additional supply chain staffing services.