Can I Hire On-Demand Professionals to Load and Unload My Truck?

During the recent global pandemic, confined consumers turned to shopping online for their goods and services. Even now that the period of confinement and restriction has been lifted by the government, many shoppers have not returned to retail outlets for their personal and family requirements. They have preferred, instead, the convenience of selecting and ordering goods with a few keystrokes, then receiving a text, within hours or a couple of days, that their package has arrived at their doorstep. What this paradigm shift in consumer spending has impacted, besides creating empty stores along Main Street, U.S.A., is an increased demand for meeting ever-tightening supply chain schedules. Another concern for the transportation industry is that their driver needs to rest once the trailer arrives at the loading dock. Instead, all too often, the driver is pressed into service to unload the goods they have transported to the dock. One key way to rein in costs, and ensure the safety of everyone involved in the supply chain, is to outsource the loading/unloading process. Faced with this option, there is no need to Google, “loading unloading services near me”. Instead, cut to the chase and contact Labor Loop for on-demand lumper professionals. 

Here’s why: the freight and logistics industries face competition that seems to grow daily. It is extremely important to their future to find ways to improve both inbound and outbound supply chain processes. This is especially true for warehouse operations, which are a key link in every freight process and supply chain. It is at this point that freight is either loaded into or unloaded from truck trailers. Material-handling equipment and tools such as hand trucks, ramps, forklifts, and in some cases, even cranes require experienced workers to not only know how to use each but be trained in how to use these tools safely to move freight in and out of trucks. Upon their arrival or delivery, the long-haul driver will be exhausted, therefore the wise transportation carrier will not expect this individual to then pick up or unload the freight.

Also, many warehouse managers may not have ground personnel, especially during peak season before Christmas, to move cargo to and from truck trailers. This can be due to several reasons, including scheduling conflicts among full-time staffers, and the understanding that to divert existing staff to perform one-off duties will impact their productivity at their assigned position. Do not even think about searching online for “loading unloading services near me”. This is when Labor Loop should be the go-to company in every logistic and transportation carrier’s cell phone contact list.

Our experienced, professional staff can be deployed on-demand to perform the required task or tasks. Gains include reduced probability for injury, attention to detail, familiarity with the tools of the trade, time and cost efficiencies, and best of all when the job is done, we depart until the next time our services are required. This contributes to lower overhead, therefore lower operating costs. Hiring our teams can contribute not only to a more efficient supply chain, but allows transportation carriers to allow their drivers to recoup and refresh between hauls, and increases any link in the supply chain’s competitive edge. For this reason alone, hiring lumpers from Labor Loop provides the ideal solution. 

It is no longer worth taking the chance with unskilled day labor, expecting a tired driver to assist with loading/unloading their trailer, nor imposing inexperienced staffers to perform this important task. You can forgo searching online for “loading unloading services near me” and partner with Labor Loop instead.

We’re the ace in the hole every link in the supply chain needs to meet and exceed consumers’ ever-increasing expectations without compromising their staffers’ safety or the future of their enterprise. Contact us today!