Benefits of Outsourcing Truck Unloading Services

Logistics management must deal with every aspect of their supply chain. They must be fully aware of all the issues that can and often do arise during each step of the process, as well as how to overcome them swiftly and with minimal negative impacts. The expression, “Time is of the essence.” truly applies to the decisions that must be made throughout the cargo’s journey. That journey, of course, is the one that all products and goods make from the raw materials’ delivery to the warehouse docks where trucks laden with products ranging from technology to perishables must be unloaded. Worldwide, the success of the supply chain process depends on the links which create the chain, as no supply chain can afford a weak link. For many transportation carriers that fragile link is the expectation that requires the driver, upon completing his/her leg to the warehouse dock, must then perform truck unloading services as well.

This expectation dooms many a logistics network to failure as after a long haul, most drivers are exhausted. To additionally burden them with having to unload freight is a questionable practice. Possibly implemented as a cost-saving measure, tasking drivers with unloading their trucks invites a higher risk for potential injury, and liability. Why risk a costly Worker’s Compensation and/or liability claim? At best the job will take a driver, for whom freight unloading is likely not to be in their skillset wheelhouse, far longer to do than if the task is performed by experienced, trained professionals. The solution, as many logistics managers, transportation carriers, and warehouse operations management find, is to outsource truck unloading services to professional freight unloading firms, such as Labor Loop.

To begin, our teams are ready to be dispatched when needed. When your 16-wheeler backs up to the warehouse dock, our team will be in place, waiting to be greenlighted. Instead of one tired individual manually removing their cargo, our team will have a pair of seasoned staffers who are not only highly familiar with the best procedures to follow to unload the cargo swiftly, but also used to working with each other. They work in sync to assess the trailer’s contents, directed by a supervisor who is also deployed to oversee their work, document any damaged freight, and upon request, create and deliver a customized job report. Everyone tasked with supply chain efficiency can rest easy. That’s because truck unloading services by Labor Loop’s select workforce are choreographed to run as smoothly as possible.

One outstanding feature of our company: our teams are OSHA-trained and certified. We are also conversant with local/state/federal regulations and our work is fully compliant. Overhead costs can be controlled better as our company carries insurance on our workers, not yours. For carriers and warehouse management who have previously tried to save a few dollars by hiring inexperienced day laborers or shuttling workers from other divisions of their company have found their timelines extended. There is also a greater risk for personal injury and liability. Productivity suffers when staffers are taken from their appointed tasks as well.

The key to holding the line on operations costs is to partner with Labor Loop for your truck unloading services. We can share more reasons why we are the solution to your need for greater supply chain efficiency and overhead cost control. Contact our team today!