What is Loading and Unloading Freight?

The answer seems so simple as to be a no-brainer. However, a great deal of planing and numerous steps are requisite to carry out these processes successfully. Think about it: the raw materials for producing every product and perishables must first arrive at their manufacturers. Next, once the products have been made or harvested, these must be conveyed to warehousing facilities from which they are sent to consumers, grocers, and retailers. At every pivotal step in these critical processes is the loading and unloading of freight. To the layman, it might seem that all that is required is personnel with the physical strength to take the cargo from the back of the container/trailer and place it on the warehouse floor for operations personnel to take responsibility for the goods from that point. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a leading on-demand freight loading and unloading services firm, Labor Loop, posts this information to raise awareness about this all-important step in every supply chain.

To be clear, loading and unloading freight are two different processes performed at different intervals. Cargo that arrives at a terminal, wharf, in a truck, or rail container must first be loaded correctly, then upon arrival, unloaded quickly but just as carefully. The entire supply chain can be negatively impacted if either process is performed incorrectly. Depending on what types of goods are to be conveyed, the cargo loading and unloading process can be hazardous under certain conditions. For example, chemicals, certain dry goods, perishables, and combustibles must be packaged and loaded with extreme care following explicit guidelines. Safety must always be the highest priority for supply chain overseers and workers. This is not a time for cost-cutting measures such as hiring day laborers or diverting untrained staff from their daily routines. The dilemma remains: how to maintain a high level of speed, efficiency, and safety throughout the loading and unloading freight process?

Many savvy transportation carriers and operations managers elect to partner with a dependable, reliable, and highly experienced third party lumper service. At Labor Loop, the skillful loading and unloading freight process is our core business. Across the nation, we’re the leading vendor of choice for freight loading and unloading services. Labor Loop’s commitment to providing optimal services is demonstrated by our workforce. OSHA-trained and certified in safety procedures, Our on-demand teams are also well-versed in our field’s best practices. Moreover, we are compliant with state and local regulations regarding the numerous industries that we serve. Whatever the job requires, the careful assessment of the goods to be loaded, ensuring that these are properly packaged, palletized, and padded, or just as deftly removed with care at the destination site, our clients are assured that this key link in their supply chain, the loading and unloading freight process, will be carried out as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible. The team at Labor Loop invites your questions. Contact us now to initiate a successful freight loading and unloading partnership!