What is the Purpose of Container Stripping?

shipping containers stacked on top of each other

Transportation carriers, operations, and warehouse managers alike all look for ways to speed the efficiency and cost-containment of their supply chains. One key way is to hire a dependable third-party vendor for their on-demand freight unloading tasks. In this posting, we’ll discuss the purpose of container stripping, as well as the value of our services to your business. Our goal is a mutual win-win to increase the speed of your unloading operations without sacrificing safety and to perform cross-dock including receiving tasks as needed. 

Container stripping is the practice of consolidating or de-consolidating containers and trailers at freight stations, including loading and unloading docks. Not only can freight shipments be staged between transport legs, but a range of cross-dock activities can also be performed. Relative to freight unloading, hiring an on-demand, trained and certified, experienced team to strip containers can reduce your operations overhead while improving supply chain efficiency. 

As part of our container stripping agreement, Labor Loop’s teams can generally be expected to perform the following services for our clients: 

  • Consolidate and/or deconsolidate freight, such as import and export cargoes. 
  • Weigh the freight
  • Upon request, provide packing and repacking services (i.e. should damages/losses be discovered to repalletize and shore up non-damaged goods)
  • In the event of damages/losses that have occurred in transit, document, and inventory surviving cargo while taking stock of losses for insurance claims.)
  • Labeling

To conclude, partnering with Labor Loop for on-demand container stripping services ensures the highest level of fast, dependable service with minimal potential for injury and damage to staff, equipment, or facility. Our services allow for:

  • Best allocation of your existing staff – that is being productive at the tasks they were hired to perform, not filling in as needed for container stuffing activities. Gains include higher productivity, lower potential for injury, and liability claims.
  • Increased supply chain flexibility.
  • Lower overhead costs as containers will be filled to capacity following strict adherence to state/federal/industry guidelines for optimal safety and security. 
  • Reduced administration costs- on-demand staffers are not paid benefits as full-time, 40-hour weekly ‘on payroll’ employees. Our teams are available to perform the stated, contracted task(s), then leave until rehired to perform future jobs.
  • Higher safety and security levels: our teams are vetted and OSHA-trained and certified. Additionally, all are seasoned in working with the tools of the trade including forklifts, ramps, palletizing materials, and hand trucks. 
  • Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Allow Labor Loop to close that gap with our professional container stripping and ancillary services for improved turnaround times and optimal outcomes. 

At Labor Loop, we strive to achieve excellence on every job. We also look to offer the flexibility to work without clients to provide additional ways for them to achieve savings or add value to their supply chain. To stretch your economies of scale, we can provide one-stop services from container stripping to additional cross-dock services. That is the purpose of working with Labor Loop. We provide dependable lumper and related services on-demand to assist transportation carriers and operations managers to achieve their supply chain goals.

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