What is Container Stuffing?

In the transport and logistics industries, there are many industry-related terms that are little understood or appreciated by outsiders. Container stuffing is the process of preparing goods, products, and perishables for transit, then loading these items strategically inside the container for their delivery to warehouses and retailers. These two steps require thought, planning, and skill as additionally, they must be performed as quickly as possible.

There is nothing random about packaging goods with care, as the nature of the goods themselves will dictate the best way to bolster them inside the container. The first consideration is crucial: incompatible and/or toxic cargo cannot travel together. That means foodstuffs are only packed with other food perishables. Those toxic chemicals are not loaded with flammables or any potentially combustible materials. It sounds like common sense, but packaging can camouflage its contents, so it is important to read and follow transit documentation to avoid these issues and product contamination. Then the container stuffing loading process can begin.

Generally, the products must be palletized with the heaviest on the bottom. The height will be determined by the stability of the stack, then shrink-wrapped. While the goal of container stuffing is to maximize the number of goods loaded inside the container’s interior, it cannot be too heavy or under-loaded. Dubbing or padding is placed between pallets and the container walls to prevent damage should shifting occur while in transit. All these factors, including time, are considerations when loading freight with care and efficiency.

So instead of asking, “What is Container Stuffing?” The better question is, “What does container stuffing entail, and who is best qualified to perform it?” At Labor Loop, we know there are two critical steps in the supply chain process: loading and unloading. We supply experienced professionals by the job to any warehouse, loading dock, or site as needed for only as long as the job requires. That’s it. You receive qualified experienced staffers when needed. This saves money on operational costs as they do not receive benefits, and you do not have to find 40 hours of productive work per week when occasional tasks, such as unloading, are fulfilled. Contacting Labor Loop for our container stuffing and freight unloading services is a sound business practice. You receive skilled staffers on-demand, and our vetted, experienced staff performs the tasks reliably and dependably. That’s a win-win proposition for all parties!

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