Why is Container Unstuffing Important?

In the logistics industry, container unstuffing goes by several names, but essentially it is the unloading of freight or cargo when it arrives at its destination, generally a warehouse. Every phase of the supply chain is important, but it is only as effective as its weakest link. Unstuffing a container is the point at which a myriad of issues can be discovered and must be dealt with immediately. For example, if the container has been loaded poorly, that is the goods are not palletized, wrapped, or securely padded, shifting may have occurred in transit. This generally leads to damaged goods.

For lumpers, as soon as the container doors have been opened, before they can begin their appointed task, container unstuffing, they must assess the container contents. Should any damaged products or cargo be discovered, these must be fully documented for an insurance claim, and the remaining cargo shored up before the assigned activity can commence. In logistics, as with most industries, time is money. That means the faster any hiccups can be resolved, and the more efficient the team than the impacts on operational costs can be reduced.

That’s why so many logistics managers, freight forwarders, and trucking carriers rely on Labor Loop. They realize it is impractical and non-cost-effective to hire inexperienced laborers nor transfer office and warehouse staff to perform their freight unloading tasks. Instead, when experienced workers are required on a routine basis, they can contact Labor Loop. They can detail their requirements, and be assured that our select team will arrive on time, be ready to go, and once cleared to work, perform their container unstuffing duties without interruption. Hiring staffers by the job is very efficient from a financial and productivity standpoint as well. When finished, the Labor Loop team’s work is inspected and approved, and any requested reports are filed, the team departs. When our services are required again, just give us a call!

Labor Loop’s teams look upon every container unstuffing job as important, regardless of the cargo. That is why whatever freight unloading task requires our lumper services, we’ll dispatch experienced, skilled, and conscientious workers to get the job done right as swiftly as possible. We’ve gained our positive reputation one job at a time, and our reputation is only as stellar as the next job we perform – yours!

To learn more or to request our services, contact our team today!