How Container Stuffing Improves Loading Efficiency

Even in our industry, the term ‘container stuffing’ is the butt of jokes. But it is an important aspect of freight loading. Think about it: the more efficiently a container is loaded relative to the type of product, its size, amount, and weight, the maximum amount of goods can be conveyed in that trip. Container stuffing is just a sound business practice as it ensures that the most goods will be packed safely in one haul, packaged to minimize or eliminate load shift, thereby reducing the potential for damage and asset losses. In short, this practice helps to optimize supply chain efficiency overall. 

According to a leading insurance institute, about 65% of freight that is damaged in transit can be prevented by conscientious container stuffing. Poor lashing techniques and/or over or under stuffing the container accounts for most damage/losses. As with most tasks, there is a right way to perform it. Here are some tips:

  • For palletized cargo, fill voids with dunnage. This will prevent load shift.
  • Distribute freight weight evenly inside the container. This means that heavier cargo must always be loaded first and comprise the bottom of any stacked goods. Also, the heaviest cargo must be placed in the center of the container to ease the loading/unloading process as well as for optimal weight distribution.
  • Strap tension: pallets that are secured with straps will maintain their tension throughout transit if they are not tied too loosely or too tightly to avoid snapping or load shift.
  • Use the right tools for container stuffing and freight unloading: in addition to manual loading, know when and how to use lift gates, forklifts, ramps, and conveyors to best advantage for personnel and product safety.
  • Hire the best vendor for the job: container stuffing is not a job for amateurs.

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