What is Container Unstuffing?

That’s not a literal question, as everyone in the industry is aware of this freight unloading term. Container unstuffing is performed at the final stage of the supply chain, and requires preplanning and preparation for optimal efficiency. Part of the prep involves ensuring that there will be sufficient storage space available for the incoming  products/goods on the container. Once the container arrives, receivers will perform all regulatory tasks before the task of unstuffing begins. It is not a job for unskilled labor. That’s why many trucking carriers, and operations and warehouse managers turn to Labor Loop to draw from our roster of experienced, OSHA-certified personnel.

We supply seasoned freight unloaders to perform container unstuffing. Our teams are used to tight schedules. Once the container lift gate is opened, we perform an initial assessment, looking first for any damages due to shifted loads during transit. These are documented for insurance claim purposes. Depending on how the goods are packaged, i.e. palleted, stacked, etc. determines what equipment will be used. Heavy goods are removed by forklift, we also use ramps and conveyors as needed. Proper use of and experience with the right tools ensures a swift and safe container unstuffing process.

As unstuffing containers is not a daily task, many warehouse managers assign it as needed to their existing staff. This attempt to cut costs may actually increase liability as untrained staffers, in their haste to keep on schedule, may actually increase their chances of being seriously injured. That’s not a workable solution, that action only creates additional problems. The takeaways here are to treat container unstuffing as the important task that it is, and to hire a professional freight unloading team to perform it. That’s where Labor Loop comes in. Contact us to learn more about our container unstuffing services. Our teams are deployed on-demand and only when you need them, which additionally allows carriers and managers to control their overhead and operating costs.

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