What is Container Stripping?

Forklift moving a container

Every Logistics and Operations Manager knows that container stripping is not an easy task. Yet some, in the name of economy, still entrust this very important task to inexperienced day laborers or untrained staff from other parts of their enterprise. It is actually far more cost-effective to hire professional freight unloaders to perform this task. Major benefits include experience, efficiency, as well as having and knowing how to use the right tools for the job. Container stripping is not as easy as it sounds. But one call to Labor Loop, and we can deploy the team your business requires to perform the task quickly and safely. Then, after a job well done, we’ll be gone. Think of us as being there when you need us, and only at that time. Lower overhead costs = greater savings on overhead. 

When you partner with Labor Loop to perform your container stripping, here’s what you can expect. We’ll meet at the determined location and get right to work. There are preliminary steps that your team will have performed:  

  • Ensure that the container identification number and the seal serial number, match the ones on the transport documentation.
  • Visually check the exterior of the container for signs of leakage or infestation. This includes examining the container for any signs of wet stains or holes in the sides or roof.
  • Cut the seal if affixed.
  • Confirm that the container is safe to enter. Based on the nature of the cargo, be aware that the air quality in the container may be toxic– ventilate before entering.

Once our team receives the green light, we will begin the agreed-upon container stripping process: 

  • Open the container with caution to avoid loss of any cargo that may have shifted in transit.
  • Record every package as it is removed, noting any markings and damages. We will document these for your insurance claim.
  • Remove all securing and protection materials such as straps and cords for reuse, recycling, or disposal.
  • Remove the cargo using a forklift/ramp, conveyor, or manually as required.
  • Sweep the interior of the container to remove all traces of the cargo, especially loose powders, grains, and noxious materials and fumigants, unless otherwise agreed with the container operator.
  • Remove all marks and signage relative to the previous consignment from the exterior of the container once it has been cleaned.

The job is complete when you give your approval. As our teams are hired by the task, we then depart to await your next call for professional container stripping services. Partnering with Labor Loop will ensure that the unloading task is carried out with efficiency, safety, and cost savings. 

To discuss how our services can benefit your ROI, contact Labor Loop today!