Top Freight Unloading Tips

When a trailer or container is ready to be unloaded, when the seal has been broken, the locks opened and the doors swung open, a frank assessment of the cargo is essential to the success of unloading that trailer or container skillfully, quickly, and without incident. Lumpers, that is professionals trained and experienced in loading and unloading freight, are the individuals who are best qualified to perform these jobs, and savvy, and cost-conscious logistics managers know that the success of their supply chain depends on hiring them. When you partner with Labor Loop to supply on-demand, experienced professionals to perform this task, we will ask many questions. Here is what you can expect once our team arrives.

I Quick Cargo Assessment

When Labor Loop’s team is cleared to begin work, they will visually assess the cargo to determine the most efficient means to remove the products/goods/perishables in as little time as possible. Is it palletized? Wrapped and stacked? Is the weight of the cargo evenly distributed? Is this a job for a forklift? Loading ramps? Hydraulic lift? What about hand bombing (unloading freight manually)? 

II What Steps to Take When Damages are Found

Freight that has been loaded in haste or incorrectly may be damaged in transit. When this occurs, the damaged goods or asset losses must be separated from the salvageable cargo, inventories, and documented for insurance purposes. Then the undamaged goods were safely removed. Skilled lumpers know how to handle these unwelcome surprises with dispatch as well as to remain on or close to schedule as much as possible.

III When to Use What Equipment When Unloading Freight

When a container must be unloaded on a tarmac as opposed to a dock, several pieces of equipment must be utilized. Labor Loop’s skilled workers are proficient in the use of all equipment and tools associated with our trade. We know what equipment to use under which circumstances as follows:

  • Forklift: when shipping dock-to-dock a forklift is ideal for mid-sized to larger products, especially when individual packages are all of the same size and weight. These lend themselves to being stacked and moved securely.
  • Tailgates: These small hydraulic lifts are found on many truck trailers that convey heavy loads such as stacks of beverages such as soda and water. The average tailgate will hold up to 1,500 lbs including that of a forklift and the worker(s). 
  • Loading Ramp: When access to a dock is not possible, an inclined loading ramp on wheels is ideal for use with hand trucks and hand bombing cargo. 
  • Hand bombing: This means unloading freight without the use of a dock or a forklift. The task still requires skill and experience. This process is best for shipments that are not full truck loads as well as boxes that are lighter in weight. 

Labor Loop supplies skilled loading and unloading teams to logistics management, warehouse overseers, and transportation carriers in over 36 states. There are many advantages to a partnership with Labor Loop to deploy on-demand staffers to perform loading and unloading of freight whenever needed. Contact our team with your questions or to learn more today.