How to Manage Loadshift Transport Services

Truck driver or soccer mom, everyone who drives knows about loadshift. For most of us it is that sickening feeling after hitting the brakes that your groceries, including eggs, have redecorated the back of your SUV. Multiply that concern many times over for professional drivers who are conveying a container or trailer full of technology products, heavy equipment, or perishables. That’s when it is most important for Transportation Carriers and Operations Managers to have Labor Loop in their cell phone contacts list. On-demand and on very short notice, we can dispatch a team of professionals to quickly assess and remediate the situation as part of our loadshift transport services.

As soon as you make the call, the Labor Loop’s team can be deployed. Upon arrival, we’ll be ready for the greenlight to get started. As soon as the seal is removed and the doors opened, we will quickly assess the situation. To begin, most load shifts are not necessarily caused by a sudden stop. Rather, it is improper initial loading due to incorrect weight distribution and inadequate cargo securing that creates the perfect storm scenario. Just add a sudden stop. To be clear, box container loads should have their weight evenly distributed based on the location of the axles and the weight of the load. An unbalanced load will impact steering, braking, and overall speed control. In short, an improperly loaded trailer or container = load shifts and loss of control.

When inspecting loadshift transport scenarios, Labor Loop’s team will check for damages, then remove and document these items. Asset losses are separated from salvageable cargo, which is then reloaded properly. This means using direct tie-downs, and careful packaging and restacking of pallets, to ensure that the remaining cargo will arrive at its destination undamaged and ready to be unloaded and warehoused. Every Labor Loop team is seasoned, OSHA-certified, and efficient. We work quickly to ensure minimal impact on your timeframe and schedule.

When loadshift is experienced en route, it is especially important to separate damaged cargo and document it for an insurance claim. To minimize the extent of the damage, it is critical that the remaining cargo be properly repackaged and repositioned as quickly and professionally as possible. Labor Loop knows that time is money, and our goals are to minimize the impact an unexpected hiccup in your supply chain will have on your operations costs. When time is of the essence and reducing negative impacts on your bottom line, Labor Loop offers the on-demand loadshift transport services your business requires.

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