Efficiency Benefits of On-Demand Loading and Unloading Labor Services

worker doing paperwork in front of container

For every profitable business, its efficiency is the means used to measure how it utilizes its capital, workers/staff, services, and products as well as the materials used to create revenue. Operations managers, transportation company owners—just about every overseer along any given supply chain must consider: How productive is your staff? Are they being assigned appropriate and, for the sake of efficiency, doable tasks? How much time is wasted? Is every dollar spent on salaries correctly allocated? It is a given: every business constantly seeks new ways to become more efficient, that is, to reap a greater return on their investment  (ROI). This is almost always achieved through greater efficiency. One process supply chain managers can look to for greater efficacy is the loading and unloading of labor services

One of the areas ripe for improvement is the loading and unloading of freight into and from trailers and containers. Historically, this task of moving the contents of the truck had been left to the driver, who after a presumably long haul, possibly through inclement weather, had to then unload the cargo before turning-in for a well-deserved respite. For one thing, drivers are experts at moving freight safely and as efficiently as possible from Point A-to-Point B (the loading dock at a warehouse). Loading or unloading may not be the optimal skill set in their wheelhouse and could lead to personal injury, damaged freight, and valuable time lost. 

For containers, when a shipment is due to arrive, many operations overseers and warehouse managers simply divert workers from their regular tasks. The issues here are similar to those truck drivers face. Freight unloading is simply not a task for inexperienced workers. It takes a lot more than muscle alone to quickly, efficiently, and safely unload freight. There is also a risk for untrained staff to cause injury to themselves and others, time is lost due to their inexperience as unloaders, and overall productivity is diminished as they are not performing their regular assigned duties.

The solution is simple. Partner with a third party vendor for their professional loading and unloading of labor services. Contact Labor Loop; we’re on-demand labor specialists. Our teams are OSHA-trained and certified to reduce the possibility of injury and liability. Furthermore, we are seasoned in the loading and unloading of trailers and containers. We assess each cargo and determine which tools are needed to safely and swiftly unload. From ramps, pallets, wrapping, and use of forklifts, our teams have seen it all and are adept at using the equipment required to get the job done right as quickly as possible. In the event that we discover a load shift has occurred and freight is damaged, we can isolate the damaged goods, shore-up what can be salvaged, and provide the documentation required to submit an insurance claim. 

When time is of the essence and safety, and profitability matter, contact Labor Loop. We are the solution to your business need for overhead efficiency. Contact us today!